Crocs with Salehe bembury unveil new direction for their classic clog

Crocs, a casual shoe brand, has announced a collaboration with Salehe Bembury (American footwear designer, well-known for his streetwear style) on a “new direction for its iconic Classic Clog”.

Crocs x Salehe Bembury ‘Pollex Clog’ is an exclusive design that reimagines Crocs. The collaboration is described by the footwear brand as “an exploration of form and function that balances tradition with the most innovative molds in the shoe industry”.

Image: courtesy of Crocs

Crocs has created the most directional silhouette yet. It is composed of three signature Bembury fingerprints that have been merged together. The dramatic concave-ridges allow for multi-directional traction. The shoe’s upper has holes that align with high-heat areas on the feet for greater breathability.

Bembury, who previously designed for Versace and Cole Haan, explained that the new-look clog is inspired by nature and can be worn in two different ways. There are two removable and adjustable nylon heel straps. For outdoor and lifestyle use, the straps can be used to ‘Trail’ and are removable. The straps can also be worn strapless.

Crocs also stated that the ‘Pollex Clog’ retains Crocs’ authenticity, with a ‘Classic Clog’ footbed and 360-degree comfort.

Michelle Poole, Crocs’ brand president, stated in a statement that: “We are a brand that values creativity and design, and we’re always open to working with partners who can bring something new and unexpected to our consumers.”

“The Salehe Bembury x Crocs Collaboration pairs our authentic molded technology with the iconic clog silhouette, with Salehe’s unique design point-of-view, allowing us push the boundaries in molded design.”

Bembury said, “Bringing innovative products into fruition requires balancing a brand’s heritage with insights gleaned from personal and customer experience.”

Exclusively at Size and SNS London, the Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog will be available starting December 15.

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