Coccinelle team up with Barbie for a diversity-promoting campaign

persons hand with white manicure

Coccinelle, an Italian accessory brand, has partnered with Barbie to create a new bag and campaign that emphasizes inclusion and diversity.

Coccinelle believes that “the future is unlimited” and launched a new international project called “Coccinelle for Barbie”. This project supports “a stereotypical dimension where barriers are removed, differences are celebrated and natural beauty encouraged.”

persons hand with white manicure

The campaign will be in 25 countries, according to the brand. It also includes female ambassadors from Italy and international, including Daniela Scattolin, Annalisa Archando, Nina Rima and Nina Rima. They will share their stories and promote inclusion and positivity worldwide.

“Our mission is to make noise. Inclusion, self-acceptance, and girl power are more than empty words that sound nice but have no meaning.” Coccinelle stated in a press release that the message must be repeated as often as possible to spread its message.

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Coccinelle Barbie’s manifesto bag is featured in the campaign. It is made from strong nylon canvas with 50 percent recycled content, leather handles, and a grosgrain ribbon. Available in pink or black, the bag features graffiti-style characters that read ‘The Future Is Limitless’.

The Coccinelle for Barbie bag costs 120 Pounds / 120 Euros / 149 US Dollars

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