Bulgari Serpenti is transformed into NFT art by immersive AI installation

brown and black snake

Bulgari, an Italian luxury house, has transformed its Serpenti symbol into an immersive AI installation art that will be auctionable as an NFT token. This will bring the famous snake design into the metaverse.

The artwork is located in Milan’s Piazza Duomo and represents the evolution of the Serpenti throughout its life which is expressed in the installation name – ‘Serpenti Metamorphosis’. RefikAnadol, a media artist, created the brand’s first luxury AI art.

brown and black snake

The installation offers a multisensory experience with walls and ceilings dedicated to the AI imagery. Machine learning algorithms will bring snake images to life in the sculpture, adding an additional reference to emblem. The artwork is complemented by a specially created Rainforest Serpenti scent, which was also created in collaboration with Firmenich. It uses AI technology.

Anadol stated about the work, “The concept Metamorphosis was truly inspiring for me because machine intelligence has the ability to take the colours and patterns of nature and create new forms that only it can see.” It allows me to make the invisible visible when it is a partner. Metamorphosis represents the overarching ideas about growth, evolution and precision in the world around us.

“This precision is evident in everything Bulgari does. So I see many similarities in how we create our artworks, and in the craftsmanship that goes into creating Bulgari jewels.”

The immersive experience will continue the celebration of Serpenti Collection. It will begin in Milan and travel to other cities around the globe, before ending in Milan with the artwork being converted into a multi-dimensional NFT piece of art. Each NFT will be unique and collectable and presented with a token that proves ownership and authorship. The proceeds of the sale will go to Bulgari and Anadol.

Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin stated that Serpenti Metamorphosis would be an unique and exclusive work of art in the digital age thanks to NFT technology. This uses blockchain’s potential to make works of art truly original and exclusive within the digital universe.

Online bookings are possible for visitors to the installation. They also have the option to visit Bulgari’s store at Via Montenapoleone, which will host an exhibition through October featuring some of the most important pieces from the Serpenti Collection.

Bulgari held a high-profile event to celebrate the launch. It took visitors through the immersive world. It was attended by performers and digital snakes as well as Tina Kunakey, Elodie, and Chiara Ferragni.

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