British Fashion Council launches Roblox Fashion Awards and metaverse design winners

The British Fashion Council (BFC), exclusively in partnership with Roblox, has created a new category called Fashion Award for Metaverse Design as part of its 2021 Fashion Awards.

This award recognizes a digital designer who “pushes the boundaries and displays excellence in digital fashion design within the metaverse”. BFC announced that cSapphire has been named the winner from a shortlist consisting of five digital Roblox designers, which was selected by users. cSapphire is a virtual designer and 2D artist who collaborated with Gucci to create the virtual channel.

Genkroco was also nominated. This 3D designer is well-known for creating digital hairstyles and has sold over 30,000,000. Reverse_Polarity, a 3D designer, started using Roblox just two weeks after it launched in 2006. It has now sold over 17,000,000 through its site.

Image: Roblox x BFC

Christina Wootton (Vice President of Brand Partnerships at Roblox), stated that “the next generation of designers is dressing avatars, which they are doing on Roblox where anybody can be a creator starting with their own identity,” in a press release. “Fashion is all about the future and finding new voices with clear visions. This talent is emerging in a metaverse.” She said, “It’s the global creative space where designers can express themselves freely, set new trends, and share their knowledge with top brands. This is the place to be for future fashion trends and talent, as it was recognized by a prominent fashion institution.”

Roblox is the place where “the next generation of designers will be dressing avatars”

A panel of judges, including Caroline Rush, chief executive at BFC, Karlie Kloss and Christopher Morency, high-fashion editor at Highsnobiety, Emma Davidson, and Sara Moonves, editor-in-chief at W Magazine, selected the winners.

Roblox will host an avatar replica Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele to present the award.

Roblox has launched an immersive Fashion Awards experience to celebrate the award. It is available for global users on Roblox. Visitors can visit a virtual Royal Albert Hall where they can view the nominees’ exhibitions, walk the red carpet and try on virtual items. They can also watch the live broadcast of the event.

A range of digital Gucci products will be available for purchase, and proceeds will go to the BFC Foundation. This charity supports the British fashion industry by providing education and mentoring.

Caroline Rush stated that the new category was created to recognize the global impact of digital fashion on communities all over the globe, its ability create new fashion trends, and the amazing opportunities it offers young creators.

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