British Fashion Awards to be hosted by Billy Porter

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The British Fashion Awards were held in the middle the pandemic. International guests couldn’t travel, and the awards such as Model Of The Year or British Designer Of The Year weren’t presented. The British Fashion Countil instead chose to honor and celebrate designers, brands and creatives who have made positive changes in the industry.

Many things have happened in one year. The 2021 awards will take a different, but more glamorous, turn. First, the event will take place live and is sponsored in part by TikTok, the social media giant. Mr Billy Porter is the host. He is a fashion icon in his own right and was most recently featured in FX’s groundbreaking series Pose as Pray Tell. Porter has a long history of affinity with fashion, breaking down gender barriers and using fashion to communicate his thoughts and feelings.

brown concrete building during daytime

Celebrate Leaders of Change

The ceremony will award accolades this year to 15 leaders of change. The three categories that cover the positive changes made in the fashion industry over the past year are Environment, People, and Creativity.

Tommy Hilfiger will receive the Outstanding Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to the global fashion industry as well as his commitment to making a brand that is inclusive and supports people of all backgrounds and experiences.

In order to raise funds to support the BFC Foundation, the fashion awards were made a ticketed event. The charity helps the British fashion industry grow and succeed by supporting talent, education, grant-giving, and business mentoring. It also aims to increase equality and opportunity to ensure that the fashion industry is diverse and open to all. This includes helping designers from the beginning of their careers to the top, as well as those who have already achieved international success.

The BFC raised 1.7 Million Pounds for the BFC Foundation and its talent support initiatives in 2020/21. This year, 33 designers were supported by the charity.

Fashion Awards 2021 will be held at the Royal Albert Hall, London on Monday 29th November.

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