Blundstone and Finisterre release vegan boots

person standing on shore beside body of water during daytime

Blundstone, an Australian footwear brand, is launching its first ever fully vegan boot in partnership with Finisterre, a British B Corp surfwear brand.

Blundstone + Finisterre launches the Blundstone + Finisterre collaboration vegan boot on November 2. It is inspired by Finisterre’s clifftop workshop and Blundstone’s base in the middle of Tasmania.

In a press release, both brands explain that the unisex co-branded boots offer “classic Bundstone style with an vegan twist.” Every component of the Blundstone+ Finisterre boot, including the pull loop, upper, and footbed, is vegan.

Eurofins Scientific, an independent global market leader in vegan product testing, was based in the UK. It verified that the boots are vegan after rigorous testing for the presence or absence of any mammal, bird fish, insect, mollusc, or DNA, as well as additional tests like microscopy, FTIR, and other tests.

Chelsea boots are made to withstand the elements, endure harsh environments, and withstand time. They include a comfortable, removable footbed, a water-resistant outsole, and a microfibre upper that is highly abrasion-proof and durable.

Todd, Finisterre’s lead menswear designer, stated in a statement that “We’ve dreamt about working with Blundstone since years. They are durable and look great on everyone so it’s no surprise that the majority of our community have a pair.

“We needed a boot that could pass the same toughness and quality tests as our pioneering approach to innovation and looking for alternatives to what was already available. A boot that is just as durable, breathable and water-repellent, and without any animal derived ingredients, all wrapped in the iconic boot silhouette. It’s possible.Э

Blundstone + Finisterre Boots are available in black or brown, and can be ordered online at

person standing on shore beside body of water during daytime

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