Bianca Saunders teams up with Isko, a sustainable denim producer, to create the first collection since Andam Award

woman in white sleeveless dress behind man in beige dress shirt

Bianca Saunders, a London-based designer, has revealed her spring/summer 2022 collection. It features two designer collaborations and is meant to capture the “unselfconscious summer style before digital photography”.

Saunders’ menswear collection is presented in an assortment of analog imagery. It demonstrates her experimental cutting methods as well as contemporary style. The looks include a variety of pullover shapes, such as a tailored jacket with rolled shoulders and shirts made from fluid viscose or distorted check cotton.

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She experiments with different sleeve styles. One example is a jacket with a round silhouette and another with muscle-cut arms. She is skilled at using cleverly-structured darts to manipulate perspective. Items appear oversized or rounded depending on how they are viewed from one angle, while others seem completely flat.

Saunders released the following statement about the inspiration for the collection: “I was looking through photos of my family, my mom when she went to Jamaica aged 18 years old, the colours in them and the way the style was in between casual and tailored. I also thought about muscle men with their prints stretched across their bodies and arms curved around.”

The collection includes seven looks created with sustainable denim manufacturer Isko. These include an indigo denim jacket, twisted seam jeans and a variety of accessories. Sanko Textile Industries’ denim division works with its R-Two program, which uses certified recycled cotton and recycled polyester to make denim. It declares it is “fully responsible”.

woman in white sleeveless dress behind man in beige dress shirt

Keith O’Brien, Isko’s marketing manager and business development manager said that Isko was proud to have worked with Bianca Saunders, an award-winning British talent, on the SS22 collection. “This partnership strengthens our commitment to supporting emerging designers who want denim to be integrated into their innovative collections.”

Saunders also collaborated with Isko Denim on her fall/winter 2020 collection. This was again in keeping with the company’s ongoing promotion of sustainable production and rising talent.

O’Brien said: “We take pride supporting designers such as Bianca, who have a passion to responsible production and promote sustainability in the fashion sector.”

Saunders was the recent recipient of the 2021 ANDAM Award. She was also selected to collaborate on the 2020 GucciFest project. This saw her release a pre-autumn 21 collection via the platform.

The designer collaborated with Farah to create a collection of zip-up knits, jersey tracksuits and t-shirts inspired by old postcards.

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