Bestseller trials Zliide app in omnichannel development

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Bestseller, a multibrand fashion conglomerate, has announced that it will be testing Zliide digital retail solution app at a few of its stores.

The app allows stores to have their own online store. It also offers home delivery via bike couriers or in-store self-checkout. The retailer suggests that Zliide will enable customers to skip the queues and allow retail staff to concentrate on customer service.

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Selected, a Unisex brand, has been testing the Zliide app at Bestseller’s Romerhus, Denmark, for several months. The app received positive customer reactions and many customers continue to use it after activation in-store. This trial will assess the effectiveness of the digital solution by analysing end-consumer usage, and demographic acceptance.

Phase I testing

Astrid Lund Jensen (business analyst for Bestseller Business Development), stated that Roterhus is a great location to test because it has a high visibility and stocks the majority Bestseller brands. “We are interested in learning about the customer base of each brand and which brands will perform best with the self-checkout as well as the online solution.”

“With Black Friday approaching and Christmas shopping beginning, we are interested in Zliide’s solutions for our retail colleagues. We also want to know if Zliide can handle the increasing number of customers and their expectations.”

two person's hands holding turned-on phones

Zliide was already well-known in the Aarhus and Copenhagen retail markets. After clientele meetings, Zliide decided to test the app with Bestseller brands.

Louise Ejersbo Jensen, Romerhus’ retail manager explained that “there is no doubt we have had to think a lot more about SoMe and much more about how customers connect with us elsewhere than in the physical shop.” “That’s also the purpose of our partnership with Zliide. It’s an extension to the other initiatives, such as social media, which we had to embrace during these lockdowns.”

She added: “I think our customers have become accustomed to shopping in a different way. We have been fortunate to have many customers return to our store, but we all have become so spoiled by shopping on so many platforms that we must be part of this development.”

According to staff at the retailer, customers are optimistic about the new digital solution. One customer stated that “I think customers have really embraced them, so it’s going be exciting.”

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