Beanie Feldstein after her Near Wardrobe Misfunction at the Oscars: No More Halters

woman hugging herself

Beanie Feldstein is a fashion legend. She recently shared her fashion fables in the interview where she stated that the “dress halter was ‘struggling’. It was holding on for dear life.”

“I almost flashed the entire world that night.” Beanie jokingly said, “I’m all for representation, and I want to represent big, low, Jewish breasts.” When it came time to present, things changed. “I was nervous, and accidentally stepped onto the front hem” of my dress. The clasp was then loosened. There were only 18 seconds left. I was fortunate that someone backstage had a safety pin, and reclasped my hand. However, I nearly flashed the entire night.

Though viewers had not one inkling about the backstage scare, Beanie has since ruled out the silhouette for herself. She said, “The moral of the story is that I am a small, low-hanging Jewish girl and you have to be who your are.”

woman hugging herself

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