How to keep summer here for longer?

brown and black straw hat

Sandals and woven bags give you a sense of freedom, a Saturday morning feeling, and of course, extend the summer days!

brown and black straw hat

Here you see my collection of raffia bags, but to be honest, it could be a straw hat, or a woven picnic basket, or basket-weave sandals. Raffia is the preferred way to achieve this look because it is softer and more flexible than straw, making it easier to make wearables. But, it’s the basket vibes that count.

You can decorate your home with bamboo placemats and jute rugs. Match your woven earrings and raffia belt to match your hoop earrings. Raffia, a neutral that has an edge and the accent piece that makes your look and feel more jazzy, is the new leopard pattern. It’s summer vibes but it’s fashion. And you can keep wearing it this autumn to make the summer last longer!

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