Based on your Zodiac sign, we know which Spring Runway Outfit you should try

woman in black blazer and gold necklace

Fashion Month is over. It was the first Fashion Month that actually felt like Fashion Month in a while. As you sit back and look through runway clips, recap articles, and fashion critic TikToks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed trying to figure out which runway looks you can wear or recreate. For those of us without the means to hire a stylist, there’s a cheat sheet called our Zodiac sign.

The big news is that astrology doesn’t only help you decide if you should have coffee today, change your career path, or rekindle your love life. It can also give you very accurate fashion advice. It all boils down to the general traits that you might have based on your cosmic alignment at the time you were born. When you stop and think about it, your style is often an accurate reflection of who you are. You’ll find the homebody Cancer wearing something casual, while the meticulous and measured Virgo will have their entire wardrobe vetted. There are 4,672 runway photos that you can scroll through after an in-person show, but this will help you find exactly what you’re looking.

You can plan ahead for spring or look for new pieces to add to your wardrobe, so read on to find out what the stars have in store for you.

woman wearing yellow sleeveless dress


Aries are full of energy and enthusiasm. They live an active lifestyle with a constant pursuit of new heights. They’ll need something that is easy to move in, but not sacrifice style, as was the case on the Giorgio Armani runway. A hooded jacket that reads “I’m The Boss” but is still cozy and comfortable for everyday errands is a good choice. You love your joggers, so dress up the ensemble with a pair of satin joggers.


Taurus is known for their love of finer things. They will need to be dressed up when they go on rooftop fine-dining experiences. Taurus can be impulsive spenders but that’s not what they do. Taurus spend a lot of time evaluating a garment before buying it. They only buy pieces that they feel are worth the investment, preferring cashmere and silk fabrics. You can find them wearing a silk blouse that is skin-bared, such as this SS22 Private Policy blouse. They are paired with loose, but high-cut pants that make the top the main item.


Have you ever noticed how Geminis are interested in many things but change their mind about one thing at a time? This is evident in their closets. Geminis are not afraid to have fun with fashion and they love to keep up with the latest trends. You can find them wearing anything that screams “nostalgia”, from Y2K-silhouettes tops to ’90s dark tones. Blumarine’s newest collections are basically all you need.

woman in purple lace knitted long-sleeved dress during daytime


You shouldn’t take it personally if a Cancer cancels. They just really like being at home (WFH’s life couldn’t be better). Lounge-friendly knits are their holy grail, from Zoom meetings to Friday nights with Netflix (shocking!). You can recreate the Jonathan Simkhai look next time by wearing an ultra-long cardigan. Who says you can’t enjoy the dramatics indoors! Instead of choosing neutral colors, opt for purple or orange.


Leo is known for making an entrance so expect them to wear a neck-breaking outfit every time. Although they don’t always follow the trends, they have a penchant for colorful and printed pieces. You can bet that they are loving all the psychedelic options available right now, even though they don’t usually wear them. They feel most at home mixing prints, so the Leo girl wears almost every outfit at Kim Shui. They will often be seen wearing unusual pairings such as an asymmetrical top and a lace-up dress. The rest of us are still trying to figure how they do it so seamlessly.


You know Virgos are always on a schedule and have a set of plans for dinner. Even the most stylish members of the clan like to have a simple wardrobe so that they can focus on the rest of the tasks on their list. Virgos will have a signature color, usually a variation of a neutral, and a collection of classic, tailored pieces. If you are a Virgo who wants to spice things up, try textured styles such as croc embossed or tweed. Also, consider silhouettes that are slightly different from the norm such as cropped blazers (as Deity SS22), or long, slender shorts.


Libras are very serious about their relationships. They need a daily ‘fit that allows them to meet up with friends or a man for some quality time. They have access to luxurious, feminine fabrics that feel dressed up. Fendi’s latest collection is an example. They will choose satin bottoms over cotton or linen. And when it’s cooler, a faux fur jacket and lace tights are the best options.


Scorpios have an aura that is mysterious and hard to explain. They are very private and will sometimes take time to share their secrets. They are naturally fascinating, and despite the attention they get for being so, they tend to channel that mystery into outfits that don’t grab attention, such as black monochrome. Although they are not meant to be confused with plain dressers, you will still find bold details in a Scorpio outfit that Givenchy has perfected. For this runway look, a tube top or pants with unusual details or a slit hem are great options.


Sagittarius is the friend who loves to travel and you should try to find. Their wardrobe will be casual, but stylish, and they are a great choice for anyone looking to keep their style simple. You may see a Sag wearing a Supriya Lele outfit — a lightweight jacket and pants — or a bralette, which is the most portable garment you can pack.


Capricorns who are career-minded don’t have to stop working. Even their weekend clothes are influenced by what they wear to work, but with an added twist. Sportmax is a master at this on the runway. A Saturday for Capricorns might look like a brunch date followed by a quick stop at a local coffee shop to catch-up on some deadlines. They may opt for a comfy romper or a more formal outfit because it’s a weekend. But, a blazer will always be there.

woman in black blazer and gold necklace


You never know what Aquarius will wear next. This is why fun-loving aesthetics like that of 404 Studios are a favourite. A classic Aquarius outfit is incomplete without a quirky (but cute) element, such as a crochet bralette featuring a cheeky pattern and paired with sheer cutout bottoms.


Fashion is not a formula for the Pisces. They are free-spirited and love to experiment with fashion. Pisces are known for their creative, escapist tendencies. As such, they often choose a whimsical look as their go-to style. Do you sound familiar? Valentino is very casual. Pisces love the trend of baggy jeans (when they have to wear jeans), but are also open to wearing anything that is floaty and easy.

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