Baseball caps are the Fall’s favorite hair accessory

woman leaning on concrete brick walling

I love fall outfit research. Layers add substance: sweaters and jackets, pants with socks or loafers, and fashion feels more structured than a sundress and sneakers.

Before I buy anything, though, I like to peruse September’s street-style galleries, which help me reimagine what I already have in my closet (and usually save me from impulse shopping). Recently, leafing through the candid shots from Fashion Month, I noticed a standout accessory that falls squarely in the category of already-have-in-my-closet: So many people, from New York City to Paris and Milan, were wearing some variation on the classic baseball hat.

man in white crew neck t-shirt wearing white fitted cap

When I mentioned this to celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, she said the look is everywhere in L.A., too. Marjan says, “I feel like there is a ’70s trend happening in fall fashion. And we’re starting to see that a bit in hair.” A baseball cap is great because it can be worn in so many different ways. It can be worn down or styled in a low ponytail. It’s also a great way for protecting your hair from the sun. A hat can also protect your face.

NYC-based hairstylist Erickson Arrunategui says he actually uses a baseball cap as a kind of incidental styling tool: When his hair is freshly washed or “too poofy,” he’ll throw on a cap to help soften his curls. He says that he used to not wear baseball caps, but now they are trendy and fashionable in New York. I actually love the way my curls look when paired with a hat.

The key to styling your hair is how you style it. Marjan was astonished when I suggested the silk-lined cap to her. She says that silk lining can protect hair, even if it is fragile. However, she points out that not everyone requires it. A regular hat will not cause hair damage. You shouldn’t wear it every day as it can damage your hair’s follicles. But, it’s fine to use once in a while as an accessory.

My collection includes ten vintage baseball hats. I will start there. If I can find one that is new, or better, vintage, it will be a great investment for fall.

woman leaning on concrete brick walling

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