Baggy Pants to Try If You Are Tired of Skinny Jeans

red pants on white wooden surface

Ten years ago, we would have been disgusted if you asked us to wear pants that weren’t skin-tight. We gave skinny jeans, leggings and a lot of other things our full attention for what seemed like forever. This was until a day came when we saw the light at the end. We were able to stop another year of wearing uncomfortably tight pants.

After a decade of trying out a few half-hearted trends, we finally found the right silhouette to match the skinny jeans era. Baggy pants or, as some call them, “puddle pants” have been in fashion for a while. But it wasn’t until last fall when they began to appear on every corner of Paris, London, Milan and Milan that this trend was evident. They’re back a year later and there are more options than ever.

You can see all the fall’s best pant styles, from loose, extra-long pants to distressed, slouchy denim, by going through our compilation.

Topshop Dani Straight Leg Trousers, $75.00, available at Nordstrom.

woman wearing gray button-up long-sleeved shirt and brown pants standing in front of bushes

Everlane The Paperbag Pant, $75.00, available at Everlane.

woman standing beside wall

Pilcro The Annie Wide-Leg Jeans, $130.00, available at Anthropologie.

Lululemon Cotton-Blend Twill Trouser 7/8 Length, $138.00, available at Lululemon.

woman in red long sleeve shirt and brown pants standing beside white wall during daytime

1 People Florence Organic Cotton Twill Pants, $134.00, available at Verishop.

red pants on white wooden surface

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