Asos Trends Report 2021 predicts Boxing Day surge

laptop computer displaying Mango pants

Asos released their 2021 Trends Report and predicted that 16 million people will be looking for Boxing Day sales.

The survey surveyed 2,000 adults in the UK.

According to data from Asos’ 2021 Trends Report, the average British customer will spend 136 Pounds per person on Boxing Day. This is in addition to the 2.1 billion Pounds that are expected to be spent by the UK economy.

However, online shopping was the most preferred option for 23 percent of respondents who surveyed prefer to shop online to standing in long lines.

The Gen Z and Millennial generations are the most popular for bargain hunters. Sixty-seven percent said they would be looking for sales. Jeans, coats, and trainers were their top choices.

Oversized fits are favored by 18-35 year olds. 24 percent of them say they will wear it in 2022. Sales of jersey tops for males were 60% dominated by oversize clothes.

20% of those aged 18-35 years old said they would prefer bold and bright colours. The number of women’s flares increased by 135 percent last year, adding to the 90s trend.

laptop computer displaying Mango pants

According to Vanessa Spence, Asos’ visual director and commercial design, “90s trends remain hugely popular among 20-somethings who didn’t get to experience flares or crop tops last time around.” We’re also expecting to see the 00s trend revival next year. So expect to see low-rise jeans, double denim, and mini skirts in many edits. Pop bright colours are a great option if you’re tired of living in muted colors.

Asos witnessed a rise in popularity for 90s styled items on its Marketplace site. Searches for ‘halter tops’ increased by +37,437%.

The bold green color that dominated 2021 will continue to be a popular trend in 2019, with pink colors also seeing a revival. Lipsticks, which were cult favorites like the Mac Velvet Teddy, saw sales rise in 2021, will be big sellers again, with lip gloss also rising to the top.

Black trousers have seen a 30% increase in sales. Asos has been a popular destination for bridal fashion with more than 1.5 million wedding and bridesmaids gowns sold across 113 nations. Due to the end in Britain of lockdown, high heels are also making a comeback.

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