Anne Klein launches bath and body products

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WHP Global has signed a long-term licensing deal with A.P. to license Anne Klein’s womenswear brand. Deauville will launch a line for bath and body products.

Anne Klein’s first bath and body products will ship this month. They will be available in select department and specialty stores across the US and Canada.

This range will include a complete line of women’s body and spa products, including exfoliating scrubs and lotions, radiant skin creams and cleansers, liquid soap and calming bubble bathtubs.

WHP Global’s chief commercial officer, Stanley Silverstein, stated in a statement that “With self-care at an unprecedented high, we are delighted to be partnering With A.P. Anne Klein will be able to offer a premium bath and body line to Deauville in one of the fastest growing segments of the beauty industry.”

two wine glasses on tray

“As we start the new year, Anne Klein will continue to expand its product range and offer customers a new way of experiencing and incorporating this timeless brand into everyday life.”

Fred Horowitz is the chairman and chief executive of A.P. Deauville added that “we are excited to partner avec WHP to bring an additional category to the iconic Anne Klein Brand, which serves millions of women all over the globe through timeless, elegant design. Anne Klein Bath & Shower can be used to empower customers, whether they’re starting or ending the day with a relaxing and nourishing experience. Anne Klein Body Line can provide you with the best.”

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