Simone Biles, after Tokyo, Wears the Same Olympic Rings Necklace That She Gave Jordan Chiles

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Simone Biles will keep the Olympics close to her hearts after Tokyo. The pro gymnast wore an understated necklace with the Olympic rings after the Games ended on August 8. The competition and her bronze medal are clearly on her mind. But the necklace is more meaningful when you see who Simone has shared it with.

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Back in June, Simone gifted Jordan Chiles with a matching necklace. Simone had been “waiting for a while” before giving Jordan the matching necklace. After trials in St. Louis, Simone finally gave Jordan the opportunity. Simone and Jordan have strengthened their strong bond through this thoughtful gift. Jordan said, “Having Simone by my side 24/7 and giving me encouragement words every day was very motivating.”


Even though the Summer Games are over, Simone and Jordan still have their twin necklaces to remember the journey and the friendship they built along the way.

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