A brand-new tool allows them to understand the environmental impact and risk of their sourcing.

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Google and WWF have created a new tool that provides data insights to help fashion companies make better sourcing decisions.

Global Fibre Impact Explorer (GFIE) is a digital platform that combines the technical capabilities of Google Cloud with WWF’s conservation expertise. It aims to assist fashion brands in making more sustainable sourcing decisions. Its primary purpose is to identify high-risk fibres within brands’ portfolios, and then guide them towards recommendations on how to support local initiatives that improve their environmental impact.

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This platform will enable companies to evaluate their portfolios in five major impact categories: climate, air pollution, forest, biodiversity and climate, as well as water usage and quality. This tool lets users view a variety of fibre options and identify actions that can mitigate risk.

The root cause of the problem must be addressed

The majority of fashion’s environmental impact comes from the raw material stage. The GFIE aims to help brands make better sourcing decisions right from the beginning.

What data are available?

Data from the platform is available from a variety of sources. One of these is Google Earth Engine Data Catalog. This cloud-based geospatial analysis platform, which is available through partnerships with academic institutions and Google, allows users to view and analyse satellite images of the globe.

The tool will allow you to access data on fibre risk impacts. This data can be used to generate different levels of analysis. These data sources allow the tool to identify risks by region and fiber.

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