5 Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes To Refresh Your Color At Home

woman in white shirt with blonde hair

Many people are still hesitant about going to the salon in these times of social-distancing. For longtime color clients, this could mean forgoing highlights, a shine gloss treatment, and all forms of balayage until a COVID-19 vaccine is approved. You can still have your cake and eat too with the DIY method.

While your colorist (or anyone trained in hairstyling) will inform you that at-home dye jobs can prove disastrous, in the same sentence they’ll likely say that if you’re gung-ho about tinting your ends from your bathroom or kitchen sink, it’s vital that you pick a semi-permanent dye. “As opposed to permanent or demi-permanent dyes, semi-permanent options don’t use peroxide or ammonia,” explains celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri. “They will give you a low-risk color that doesn’t penetrate the hair’s cuticle.”

Whether you’re looking for a big change like bright pink or just a subtle golden undertone to your blonde, shop the best semi-permanent dyes for fresh fall color you can safely DIY, ahead.

woman in white shirt with blonde hair

dpHue Color Gloss

While this light-blonde shine gloss won’t do much by way of actually lifting your color (that would require peroxide), what it will do is boost the shine and reflectiveness of your hair and help blend any obvious lines from the last time you got highlights.

dpHUE Gloss+ Light Blonde, $35.00, available at dpHUE.

Gemini Naturals Get HUED

This gel, which is aloe vera-based, adds a temporary shine to your natural hair without drying it. Simply apply any shade – from cranberry red to this golden brown – over your favorite leave-in conditioner or curl cream and rinse it out on your next wash day.

Get Hued Sunset, $26.00, available at Get Hued.

L’Oreal Paris Colorista

Semi-permanent hair colors don’t have to cost more than $10, as it turns out. L’Oreal’s Colorista Box allows you to experiment with rose gold highlights without bleach or wallet damage.

L’Oreal Paris Semi-Permanent Hair Color, $10.99, available at L’Oreal Paris.

Overtone Coloring Conditioner

Over 200 5-star reviews mean there is a reason why you have seen the Overtone label in your Instagram ads. What’s great about the brand’s coloring conditioner is that application is easy: simply apply it on damp hair, let it sit for 15 minutes, rinse, and dry, and you have fresh-out-of-the-salon color, be it shiny Espresso or Golden Brown.

Overtone Espresso Brown Coloring Conditioner, $29.00, available at Overtone.

Keracolor Color Depositing Conditioner

Amazon’s Choice semi-permanent dye can be purchased during Prime Day sales. The color-depositing conditioner is loved by reviewers for adding instant vibrancy to dull hair colors and leaving the strands soft and clean.

Keracolor Color Depositing Conditioner, $21.60, available at Amazon.

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